Marty Kolls in Concert, with very special guests!

poster for Marty Kolls concert
Hutton House, 654 Wonderland Rd. N., London, Ontario N6H 3E5

As a part of our mission to expand our programming over the course of the year, Home County is proud to present London musician Marty Kolls in concert.  

Tickets are available HERE: Eventbrite $10 single or $20 family (up to 6). 


Marty's very special opening act will be the ukulele students she will be working with that afternoon, at a Home County youth ukulele workshop!  Don't miss this chance to get your Home County experience in, throughout the year. 


Please note, special family tickets are available through Home County - for $20 your entire family can come out to this event, grandparents included! (For space purposes, we're asking these tickets be used for up to 6 people - please let us know how many will be attending). For more information, email by Nov. 1st, or purchase at the door (subject to availability). 


About Marty:

Marty Kolls is a London based multi-instrumentalist and singer. For the past 25 years, Marty has been writing music in just about every genre and form from metal to folk. Her eclectic east coast roots have led her down an impressive path, from internationally touring as a teen, to sharing a stage with the likes of Alanis Morrisette. Inspired by some of the great female musicians, you can hear remnants of Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos throughout her song writing. Marty Kolls is a diverse artist, who wears her heart on her sleeve while playing circles around her musical peers. This mother of two, educator and community advocate can be found playing in one of her many bands, working on her solo project or performing in her favourite neighbourhood venue, The Aeolian Hall.