Roxanne Andrighetti

A Portrait photo of Roxanne Andrighetti smiling

Roxanne Andrighetti is an award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter who embodies the diversity of what it means to be Canadian. Born in the Congo of an Italian father and a Persian mother, Roxanne’s diverse roots and travels have had an influence on her musical style.

Able to sing in several languages including: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Persian, Chinese and Japanese; her musical performances invite her audience to enjoy a diversity of songs from different cultures.

Having narrowly escaped the turmoil of a war-torn country as a young child, much of Roxanne’s music is deeply reflective, but she has a very versatile style and has composed over a 100 different songs in various genres of music including folk/pop, children's songs, upbeat pop/rock, darker songs, jazzier songs, softer thought-provoking folk songs, to happy-go-lucky/feel-good love songs.

She is planning a tour this summer with her new duo partner Bianca Robitaille, as "Halo Harmony" and together they are looking forward to sharing their music.