Fanshawe MIA Showcase

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Fanshawe MIA Showcase
Lliam Buckley, Cameron Jericho, Lost In Japan (duo), Molly Roach
(Austin Pigott will no longer be performing)

Molly Roach

With the aid of a guitar, songs became Molly's diary of thoughts, combining both Punk Rock and Jazz influences to create an “Art Rock” sound. Join Molly in her idealistic dreamland created by her alluring lyrics and melodies.

Molly Roach playing a guitar in the street during an outdoor festival

Lost In Japan (duo)

Hailing from London, Lost In Japan have only been together since late 2016 and they have been hard at work.  The band has been crafting unforgettable hooks and relentless tunes that have caught the ear of those who have attended their live shows.

The band members from Lost In Japan on a metal bleacher in front of some trees

Cameron Jericho

One of the best feelings in the world is being absolutely and utterly lost in a moment of music; an intimate experience between artist and listener. Cameron Jericho brings you these moments with memorable and insightful songs.

Cameron Jericho standing in front of an alley way

Lliam Buckley

Lliam Buckley is a singer-songwriter based in London. He can often be found busking in many of the local markets. Lliam is currently in the process of recording an EP of his music with his folk/rock band To Ezter.

Lliam Buckley sitting on a bench in the middle of winter at night time