Home County 45 is in the History Books!

Valdy onstage

We had a few challenges from Mother Nature but the show went on, and wonderfully well at that.

The music was great, our vendors were the finest as always and the smells of great food wafted through Victoria Park. Highlights were plenty and as usual, everyone discovered a number of new favourites to add to their music collection.

We also saw the departure of our Artistic Director, Darin Addison and welcomed his successor Tim Fraser to our ranks. 

Throughout it all, the stars of the festival were two groups of people.

Our volunteers were amazing and good hosts to everyone who came to the park. They make us proud and we appreciate the positive energy they bring to the festival.

The other stars are you: the music and craft fans who scoffed at the rain and stayed to listen to the music and wander through the park. 

If the weather turned, most of you just donned ponchos, perched umbrellas over your heads and kept clapping, listening and yes, dancing!

That is why we do it. You are passionate fans of new music and the sight of all of you hunkered down ignoring the elements and listening intently are key to why we put on this festival. 

Thank you for coming. We really appreciate it.

And we will do it again! See you in 2019!