Main Stage Schedule Released

Valdy on stage

The Home County Music & Art Festival has released the schedule for the Mainstage Performances.

It is as follows:


Friday Mainstage

The Jim Cuddy Band (10:00PM)

Donovan Woods (9:00PM)

Rose Cousins (8:00PM)

Broomsticks & Hammers (7:00PM)

Mama's Broke (6:00PM)


Saturday Mainstage

Harrow Fair (10:00PM)

Tom Wilson (9:00PM)

Mike Stevens (8:00PM)

Twin Flames (7:00PM)

Raine Hamilton (6:00PM)


Sunday Mainstage

Irish Mythen (8:30PM)

Valdy (7:40PM)

Kris + Dee (6:50PM)

Ken Yates (6:00PM)