Kris & Dee

Kris & Dee

Kris and Dee are Kingston’s superfolk duo Kris Abbott (of indie-hall-of-famers The Pursuit of Happiness) and Dee McNeil (of all-girl rockers The Strap-Ons).

The duo met in 2003 when Kris joined The Strap-Ons. The connection was instant and progressed from a musical relationship to a personal one. They were married in 2005 and have been writing and performing as a duo since 2007.

What People Are Saying…

“One of Canada’s most compelling folk duos of the last decade” – Ken Kelley The MusicNerd Chronicles


“Kris and Dee are like the next Indigo Girls. They are talented, outrageous. They played our launch to howls I’ve never heard at this event.” – Elaina Martin, Westfest Producer


“It’s folk with attitude.” – Amanda Putz, former CBC Host, Bandwidth


”The soundscape Kris paints under Dee’s intimate vocalizations evokes time spent out of the machine. The lyrics speak to reality and the harshness of existence while the music is defiantly dignified in the face of it.” – Paul Myers, Music Journalist


See Kris and Dee perform on Sunday, July 22nd @ 6:50 PM on the Main Stage. 


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