Mélanie Brulée

Melanie Brule

Since her debut Francophone release, Débridée in 2015, award-winning bilingual artist Melanie Brulée has played numerous festivals across Canada, mentored developing artists, been featured on several television shows and has spent significant time co-writing in Nashville for her upcoming release.


Her songs have seen regular airplay on CBC/Radio-Canada, Sirius XM and Stingray satellite.


Exploring a deeper Spaghetti-Western/Americana sound with her new project Melanie Brulée & Her Bad Manners, her new Anglophone material sounds like a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack dipped in tobacco and laced in leather. 


Catch Melanie Brulee perform on Saturday, July 21 @3:00 PM on the North Stage and on Sunday, July 22 @ 3:00 PM on the South Stage. 


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