Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens

At a very early age, Mike Stevens found a harmonica. Or it may have found him.

Living in Sarnia, Ontario you couldn’t help but hear the sounds of Motown and the blues coming over the airwaves from Detroit.

At 16 years old something snapped and Mike started to practice up to 12 hrs a day creating and refining a very original style of playing. It was never any one particular style of music and there were no limits. It was always about playing exactly how he felt in that moment; no rules, no barriers.


In a career overflowing with accolades, Mike won the first ever Innovator of the Year award at the Canadian Folk music Awards in 2012 and the Ontario Contact Award of Excellence in the same year.

Mike Stevens's music is always evolving and reflects all of his influences. It’s always pushing the envelope while respecting the past.


Mike Stevens will perform on Saturday, July 21 @ 3:00 PM on the East Stage and again @ 8:00 PM on the Main Stage. His last performance of the weekend will be on Sunday, July 22 @ 1:30 PM on the South Stage. 


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