Food Vendor Application

Food Vendor Rates for 2018:


Rates are based on 2 criteria;

            1) Time of Payment

            2) Power needs


EARLY BIRD (due April 1)

Two 15 AMP $ 930.00

One 30 AMP $1140.00

One 60 AMP $1345.00


FULL PAYMENT (due June 15)

Two 15 AMP $1035.00

One 30 AMP $1240.00

One 60 AMP $1450.00


LATE PAYMENT (after June 15)

Two 15 AMP $1140.00

One 30 AMP $1345.00

One 60 AMP $1555.00


Please note that most new Food Trucks are built to run off 50 AMP Marine generators so they would need a special "Step Down" attachment to use 60 AMP service. 



Fee Schedule:

There will be a $50 administration charge for any returned cheques.

Preferred method of Payment is E-Transfer to

If paying by cheque: Please make payable to Home County Folk League for each site you wish to rent. Your cheque will be returned if your application is not successful. A decision will be made by the jury and communicated as soon as possible.

Credit Card Payment: Please call ….. Please note: we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover only.

Food Vendor Requirements 

Regulatory Forms:

Must be submitted to the appropriate regulatory agency. Copies must be forwarded to the Home County Folk League.

City of London Sale of Food and/or Amusement Devices Registration Form
City of London Fire Department Fire Safety Plan for Tents
City of London Fire Department Appendix A Special Events Mobile Food Vendors Checklist
City of London Appendix B Food Vendor - Tent
MLHU Special Event Food Vendors Form
City of London Certificate of Insurance - Standard
Certificate of Insurance - Home County Folk League

Option 1:
I carry Commercial General Liability Insurance in an amount equal to or greater than $2,000,000 and will forward proof that the Home County is named as an Additional Insured before June 30 2018.

Option 2:
I have not yet arrranged for the required insurance coverage but will forward proof that the Home County Folk League is named as an Additional Insured before June 30 2018.

I understand and agree that all forms must be submitted to and approved by the appropriate regulatory agencies and copies forwarded to the Home County Folk League before June 30 2018. Failure to do so immediately invalidates my Application and will result in forfeiture of all fees paid.

I Agree

I have read and understood the Rules and Regulations and agree to be bound by them. I understand that Festival Management reserves the right to change or alter any Rule or Regulation at any time, at its sole discretion, and that no such change or alteration will invalidate any other obligation of the Vendor herein.

I further understand and agree that failure to comply with any Rule or Regulation described herein, or which may be communicated to me prior to or during the Festival, may result in sanctions, up to and including immediate termination of occupancy, forfeiture of Rental Fees, levying of such other expenses and costs as League Management deems appropriate in its sole discretion, and refusal to accept Application to future Festivals.

Yes I Agree

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