Northern Daughters

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Northern Daughters
Donna Creighton, Sarah MacDougall, Dana Sipos, Roxanne Andrighetti

Roxanne Andrighetti

Roxanne Andrighetti is an award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter who embodies the diversity of what it means to be Canadian. Born in the Congo of an Italian father and a Persian mother, Roxanne’s diverse roots and travels have had an influence on her musical style.

Able to sing in several languages including: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Persian, Chinese and Japanese; her musical performances invite her audience to enjoy a diversity of songs from different cultures.

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Dana Sipos

Surrealism influenced by the supernatural experiences of Canada’s high country
Dana Sipos wearing a hat, sitting in a park

Donna Creighton

Donna has received multiple London Music Awards and Jack Richardson Music Awards. She is a Canadian Folk Music Award nominee and a Great American Songwriting Competition finalist. After a decade signed to Borealis Records with indie trio Sirens, Donna Creighton launched her solo career. She has performed alongside Bruce Cockburn, Valdy, Bruce Guthro, Parachute Club, Fred J. Eaglesmith, Don Ross, Philosopher Kings, Lisa Loeb, and Trent Severn. 

Donna Creighton